Ukraine war: Kyiv hit by new massive Russian drone attack

One man is killed in Ukraine's capital as the country is hit by a record 54 drones launched by Russia.

Turkey presidential election decides if Erdogan should have five more years

Turks are voting in a presidential run-off to decide on their country's future path.

US debt ceiling: Democrats and Republicans agree deal in principle, Joe Biden says

The White House and the Republicans are now ironing out details of a bill to avert a massive default.

Ken Paxton: Texas House votes to impeach Trump ally

Ken Paxton, Texas' Attorney General, is now suspended from office pending a trial in the state Senate.

Shounter Pass avalanche kills 11 people from nomadic tribe in Pakistan

A four-year-old boy is among those killed in the disaster, which struck in the early hours of Saturday.

China's C919 passenger plane makes maiden flight

China hopes the C919 will end the dominance of Airbus and Boeing - but it relies on Western components.

New parliament: PM Modi inaugurates building amid opposition boycott

The new building was inaugurated under the shadow of a boycott by major opposition parties.

Extinction Rebellion protest in Netherlands ends with 1,500 arrested

Officers used water cannon to try to disperse the crowds at the Extinction Rebellion protest

Twitter pulls out of voluntary EU disinformation code

"You can run but you can't hide," commissioner Thierry Breton warns Twitter over upcoming rules.

Indiana funeral director found with dozens of rotting bodies guilty of theft

Randy Lankford will be sentenced in June for failing to complete funeral services he was paid for.

Oleksiy Danilov interview: Ukraine counter-offensive 'ready to begin'

Oleksiy Danilov tells the BBC that Kyiv has an "historic opportunity" to strike a major blow to Russia.

ChatGPT: US lawyer admits using AI for case research

The lawyer told the judge he did not know content from the artificial intelligence could be false.

Katty Kay: A growing case of transatlantic heartburn

European leaders are getting nervous about the US election and shifts in foreign policy.

Portugal housing crisis: 'I'll have to move back in with mum'

Anger is rising in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, where affordable homes are rarer and rarer.

South Africa period poverty: 'I don't want anyone else to use rags for sanitary pads'

South African Tamara Magwashu grew up unable to afford pads or tampons - now she is changing that for others.

Why Australia decided to quit its vaping habit

Recent measures cracking down on e-cigarettes are much needed, teachers and public health experts say.

Mozambique cholera: Why outbreaks have sparked unrest

Misinformation about measures taken to tackle cholera outbreaks has led to violent protests.

French Open 2023: Nadal, Murray and Raducanu missing, while Djokovic, Alcaraz and Swiatek favourites

For the first time in almost 20 years, the French Open begins this weekend with both singles draws unpredictably open.

Kitten stuck in rain pipe for three days found alive

Rescuers in Beirut used small cameras to identify the location of the feline before pulling it to safety.

Russia warns of 'new dimension' in Ukraine war

Moscow's ambassador to the UK says Western supplies of weapons to Ukraine risk escalating the conflict.

We're ready to retake our country - Ukraine security boss Oleksiy Danilov

Oleksiy Danilov says it would be "strange" to talk dates but that this was an "historic opportunity".

Car swept backwards in raging Spanish floodwaters

Video filmed on a phone shows the driver losing control of the car before getting caught in the current.

Asiana Airlines: Inside cabin as plane door opened mid-flight

The Asiana Airlines plane landed safely in South Korea after a passenger forced open an emergency door.

Was Russian warship attacked by Ukrainian drone boats in the Black Sea?

Security correspondent Frank Gardner on what we know about what happened in the Black Sea.